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Bullet Journal Set Up: Februari 2018

With a little bit of a delay here is my bullet journal set up for the month Februari! Guess the bullet journal does not do all the planning for me...

Monthly log with a small illustration. You will see: this month is quiet brain-themed!

A random weekly log of this month...
For the first time I have added a braindump to my bullet journal. I will keep you updated if it actually helped me organize all my ideas!
And some trackers and a financial spread, all on one page to save a bit of room.

What features did you add in your bullet journal this month? I am curious to know!


Get inspired by these bullet journal designs!

2018 is coming which means: a new chapter in your bullet journal! The set up for a new year can be quiet exciting, but at the same time also quiet difficult. To help you on your way you can check out this previous post on how I set up my bullet journal for 2018.

Still it can be quiet hard to know which designs will suit your planning and which won't. To make it even more difficult I found three instagram accounts that will give you amazing bullet journal lay out envy. At the same time you can get some inspiration and who knows: maybe you will find a design that not only pleases you aesthetically but also suits your life style!

1. One for everyone!

If you are a true bullet journal fanatic you will definitely know his name. If you are a newbie, I suggest you start following his instagram account. Ryder Carroll, spiritual father of the bullet journal, has an instagram account that features some super basic but just as practical designs. He shows you different types of future, monthly and weekly logs. Perfect for anybody who is just starting out and still has to get in the swing of things.
On the other hand this account also features a lot of more intricate designs. Perfect for an artistic soul who wants to go a step further, but is still looking for the right inspiration.

2. One for the Scandinavian minimalist

Let's be honest we all know somebody who at heart is a Scandinavian minimalist. Somebody who fits seamlessly in an Ikea furnished living room and gets a small heart attack when they see more than three colors at once. If you do not know somebody like that, you are the Scandinavian minimalist! But don't be afraid here is the perfect instagram bullet journal account for you: gray, modern and yet aesthetically pleasing. Even the pictures of the bullet journal fit the style perfectly.

3. One for an extremely artsy person

Granted, this might not be the most achievable example of a bullet journal. Nadia makes the most beautiful, colorful and creative pages in her bullet journal. Beautiful to look at, maybe not so realistic to do it yourself. But maybe it is nice to try it out for a couple of pages when your traveling? Or maybe you have just got bored of your basic, minimalist bullet journal. Either way this account will give you some inspiration to transform your boring grey bullet journal into a guileful work of art!

Which bullet journal insta accounts do you like to follow?


Setting up my bullet journal for the new year

A new year, a new bullet journal. Here is how I will set up my bullet journal for 2018!

What did I keep?

1. A front page
I started this post by writing: "A new year, a new bullet journal", but in my case it is just a new page, since I did not finish the bullet journal I bought last year. This means I do not need to write down a new key or index.

2. Add your future log
Maybe you have read my previous post on how to start a bullet journal. In which I confessed I do not use all the suggested features in a bullet journal. However I do use a future log - and I would highly recommend you to do the same.

One of the huge plusses of a bullet journal to me is the fact that it is not preprinted which means you can design it exactly the way you want. However, this also has a downside. If you decide in January to buy plane tickets to go on holiday to Rome in July, chances are you have not drawn the monthly overview for July - unless you are a complete control freak who plans everything months ahead of course. Now, if you have a future log you can just write the date down there underneath the month of July and you won't forget you are going to visit one of the most beautiful places in the world in a couple of months.

3. Add your monthly log for january

The monthly log helps you to overview - you guessed it - your month! For some people this might seem like an unnecessary feature, because 'the big dates' are already written down in their future log and the daily log plans the small events from week to week. However I really like the monthly overview, since I think it gives me a good overview of my appointments that month.
On a side not: I am not important enough to have a lot of 'big dates', but I do have a lot of 'semi-big appointments'. Those are a perfect fit with a monthly log.

Not only does my monthly log contain an overview of my entire month, it also shows which tasks I really need to do or want to do that month. Just to make sure I do not forget to do them.

4. Add your daily log for the first weeks of the year
The daily log is surprisingly enough a daily overview of your activities. This is how mine looks like most of the time. It varies depending on what I have to do that week.

Now if you are a true neat freak, you can already draw February, March, April, ... But since I am a procrastinator at heart, I will wait until the end of January to map out the lay out of February.
My bullet journal has helped me a lot in becoming a more organized person, but some things never change. Waiting until the very last minute to do something so I experience more stress than I should, is one of them. It is clearly a part of me, and may I say so: it is part of my natural chaotic charm.

What did I add?
This year I am for the first time in my life a full time working human which means for the first time in my life I am making money! But with great paychecks - or not so great since I am just starting out - comes great responsibility. That is why this year I will add a financial spread and a saving goals feature to my bullet journal. Just to stay on top of things - or at least to pretend I am...

I will draw the financial spread after every monthly log. While the saving goals will be right after my future log. Since saving for stuff takes a lot of time I figured I only need one a year.




Cherries every moment!



"Whine less with more wine!" Even though wining with wine is a lot of fun, just so you know!

Make lemonade


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Pardon my French!

Expression: "Pardon my French!"
Meaning: you are going to curse.
Note: you don't need to actually speak French to use this expression.