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If photographs are for people who can’t remember, then I suffer from a severe form of amnesia. I admit: I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHS!! I always think it is such a shame that we do not print them out anymore. Sure, they are still on your computer, but what happens when your laptop crashes? There are the incredibly organized people who probably have a back-up somewhere and there are people who could still retrieve them from the hard drive, crashed or not. But since I am not a part of neither of those groups, I just lose my pictures. There is obviously a very easy solution for not losing your pictures: you just print them out!

Once you have printed your photographs, you can keep them lying around or paste them in an album. It might sound boring to you: all your pictures on blank pages, one next to another. All pasted unnaturally straight. All pictures of people who try to smile as genuine as possible. Your album does not necessarily need to look that way. A scrapbook is a decorated photo album that contains more than just pictures. I for example also paste train, bus and museum tickets in it. You can go as artsy and as crafty as you want. This is how mine looks and how I have made it.

What you need:
  • Photographs
  • Scrapbook (Paperchase, Hema en Project life all do them. Scrapbooks exist in all shapes, seizes and they come with different price tags!)
  • Double sided sticky tape (to paste the pictures. You will need a lot!)
  • Washi tape (optional)
  • (Rubber) Stamp (optional)
  • Colored paper (optional)

As I said you can go as arts-and-crafty as you want. This is just how I organized my scrapbook.

Step 1: Organize your pictures month by month

Important for a scrapbook is that you organize your pictures month by month, so the pictures of January come first and you right on your page: ‘January’. This sounds pretty logical, but the thing is: if you don’t organize your pictures every month, it can become quite hard to do. You can obviously just look at the meta-data of the picture – in that case your computer can tell you when you took that picture, right down to the hour. But even that can be a lot of work if you have a lot of – unorganized – pictures. So what I do is keeping a journal on my smartphone.
Then I just take out all my printed out pictures and sort them month by month, preferably in the order they happened in that month.

Step 2: Decide your lay-out

Decide how you want to lay out your pictures on the page of your scrapbook
Once you have done that, you want to decide how you want the pages of your scrapbook to look. Every page in your scrapbook can be organized differently. To have an overview of the page you can first lay out your pictures and arrange them. That way it is easier to decide how many photographs you want on one page. It is also easier to paste them afterwards, because sometimes one picture can slightly lay over another and that way you can see which picture you need to paste first.

Step 3: Go crazy and pimp the page

As I said: you can go as arts-and-crafty as you like. You can add as much colored paper or washi tape as you like and it can be different on every page.

But there is one thing you really need to do: write the month on the top of the page. Remember how at the beginning you sorted out all those pictures. Well, you did not do that for nothing, did you? You can be quick and scribble the month at the top of the paper. But if you are like me and you have trouble reading your own hand writing a couple of days after you wrote something down, I would advise you to act a bit more careful. I bought some film carbon. That might not sound familiar to you, but it is paper that if you write on it, the ink in the paper than transfers to the paper laying underneath. This means that you can choose any font you like, print it out and write over it with the carbon film underneath. That way you have a really nice font in your scrapbook and there is no decoding of handwriting involved years later, when in a burst of nostalgia, you want to look at your pictures.

And now you are finished and if you ever are nostalgic or suffer from a severe form of amnesia, you can always look back at these pictures and remember where you were and what you did. Memories get only better over time, so it is necessary to keep them!

Here are a few pages from my scrapbook:

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