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If something is for sure: it is that art is everywhere. I would love to travel around the world and just see all the artworks out there. Unfortunately for me, I am not a millionaire. I should not complain though: I made it to Berlin and had the opportunity to see some amazing art.

The Berlin wall marks a dark part of recent European history. I could write a summary about the history of Europe post the Second World War, but is that really necessary?
First of all a lot of what happened between 1961 and 1989 is still fresh in our collective memory.  Second there is really no short way to say something about that period. I could say something like: after the Second World War, England, The United States, France and Russia divided Germany and Berlin. Because the quality of life was less in the Russian part, a lot of people escaped to the West. The Russian solution came in 1961 in the form of a wall. That is quite brief right? But also quite black and white and if there is one thing that history is most certainly not, it is black and white. So that is why I hope you never look at that explanation again. Instead you can look at the wall, because the wall tells its own story!

The wall consists of 105 paintings spread over a length of 1,3 kilometers, visited by more than three million tourists a year. That makes it one of the largest open air galleries on this planet! The first piece you will see, is an overview of all the years that the wall divided the German capital - already a small insight into history!
The work of art that spoke the most to me, was painted by Birgit Kinder. She decided to draw a Trabant, the car that most East-Germans drove during the Cold War. But it is not just a symbol of the DDR, it was also one of the most used escape ways. The work is called Test the Best to reference that the West part of Berlin was the better part. The escapers were close to testing that lifestyle. The shadow of the car also symbolizes the subpar life standard in the Eastern part. The license plate of the car is the date the wall fell.

I would highly advise you to visit the East Side Gallery. Because it breathes history. Because the paintings tell stories. Because it is one of the largest open air galleries in the world. But also because it is about to disappear. As you can see the picture of the artwork does not look to crisp. That is not because of my limited photographic skills. It is because all of the artworks are damaged by erosion and vandalism. A non-profit organization is now working on the restoration of the artworks. But the Berlin city council thinks about putting a fence in front of the wall. The council fears that the wall will not even make it to the next decade, if they do not act now.
But even if they do that, it might well be that the paintings on the wall do not stay on the exact same place they are now. In 2013 a large part of the monument was moved, because they were going to build luxury apartments on its current spot. So if you are willing to see this open air museum in its original place. Head over to Berlin!

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