A sketch a day keeps the doctor away


If there ever would be an apocalypse and all that would be left, would be pencils and paper, I know I still would be a happy person. Eventhough I might miss my mom from time to time, I love drawing so much, that it is really all I need in life. On the other hand, I don’t draw so often. I could say: “I just don’t find the time”, but in fact that just means it is not a priority. Things as studying or the horrible distraction called the internet always seem to be the things I do first.

Anyway, that was my life until I found this visual journal at Urban Outfitters. The idea is that you make a sketch every day. You can make sketches of what you have done that day. You can make quick sketches of things that have inspired you that day. Or you just do something entirely else. After all it is your journal!

However there are some disadvantages to this book. It is quiet hard to draw every day. I don’t have time – or ideas as a matter of fact – to draw that often. It actually gave me a flashback to primary school, when I started a diary, but after a couple of days forget it existed. So I always had to start over again with my diary. I guess I am just not a person who commits…

Then there is a second disadvantage, but this one comes with an advantage. The book is quiet small, so it is really easy to take with you into your handbag or backpack. The cover is also hard. So the book is actually perfect for travelling – believe me, if I can’t destroy it, nobody can! But because the book is small the amount of space you have to sketch in is quite limited. Think a bit bigger than the size of your credit card. Personally, I prefer to draw quiet big, so I find it hard to fit my sketches into the given amount of space.
Overall I think the advantage wins it from the disadvantage. Since the book is so travel friendly, you can have it with you at all time. You can always grab it for a quick sketch that doesn’t need to be too detailed. So you don’t need an awful amount of space.

A look insight! Some of my quick sketches. Mostly ideas that I will (hopefully) come back to later

The book costs $10,63 on amazon, which is a reasonable price. Even if you do not draw every day, you will still get a lot of use out of it. It is also a great place to store your ideas. You just make a quick sketch and later when you have time, you can make a nicer bigger drawing.

A quick round up:
(+) advantages

  • reasonable price ($10,63)
  • good quality cover
  • good quality paper
  • great concept
(-) disadvantages:
  • small area to draw in
Conclusion: I am very happy with this purchase, so I would definitely recommend it!

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