Motivation on Monday #3


The previous posts on Monday were short but sweet. On the first Monday of September you kicked ass, on the second Monday you were a rebel - and you might not have worn any clothes, depending on how far you took it... Anyway, this Mondays post is a tad longer, but just as sweet!

The bird you see on top is a folded origami crane bird, which symbolizes: happiness, good luck and peace. Basically everything you wish for on a Monday. Folding a thousand cranes, according to japanese folklore, grants you one wish. I know, that's an awful amount of work for just one wish. You better just look for a Genie's lamp, which will give you three wishes and maybe a great blue friend! Other stories in Japanese folklore however state that you are granted eternal good luck, which sounds more like it, if you ask me.

Anyway you now have these thousand cranes, so you can choose if you make a wish or just choose eternal luck. The way I see it is that happiness is a state of mind and you can always decide which state your mind is in. This Monday you get to chose your mood. I won't tell you to say that it's your day, I won't say you don't need to go with the flow. If it makes you feel good, you can go with the flow. If you want to wear clothes, go ahead! Do whatever makes you happy today and if you can't - because, normal people have jobs and stuff - then just think about everything you're grateful for in your life. And if this post doesn't help you to be a happier person, then you can always fold a thousand cranes.

Good luck!

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