A day in the life of a cat


If you are familiar with the internet – which I assume you are, since you are reading this blog – you probably know that 90 percent of it is filled with cats. Because the internet is full of cats, they must be the animals with the least amount of privacy to walk this planet. But I honestly don’t think they mind. After all all they do all day long is eat and sleep. That is what my cat does anyway. Eat and sleep and occasionally she pretends to be sociable to one of my friends who she then brutally attacks.  Such an attack makes my friends think my cat is a psychopath and to proof that that is not the case, I followed her around for an entire day. I drew everything she did!
Because of the internet they don’t have privacy anymore. So me stalking my cat did not seem odd at all and it seemed like the best possible way to prove that my cat is not psychotic – if anything she is just a high functioning sociopath…

So this is what I thought my cat did all day

But in fact her day was much more interesting!

First she woke me up

Then she bit me so she could take my bed...
So that's the sleeping part of the day. At 4 p.m. she got up and decided to eat

After that we watched a movie together. Well, I watched she slept, but she must have seen some of it.
We watched The Dark Knight together and I think at that point my cat realized how much she looked like batman. She probably decided to go and fight crime. That is at least the best explanation I can give for her disappearance later that afternoon.
But she came back and decided to eat some more.
Probably a bit too much, because later that evening she vomitted on the carpet.
After that she went to sleep again.

This just goes to show how interesting a cats life actually can be! After all, how much crime do dogs fight in a day?

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