The pain of giving birthday gifts


Giving gifts is quiet a hard thing to do. Especially when it is for an annual event, like a birthday. One year you can find the perfect gift, but what do you give that person the year after?

The best gifts are obviously the ones that are personnel, the ones where you put a lot of effort in or the ones that are useful. However when my brother made a necklace of painted pasta for my moms birthday, it was not the gift she had in mind. To her credit: she did wear that necklace every day.

Do not get me wrong, gifts you made yourself are often the best gifts and there are far more options than spaghetti-necklaces. Loads of companies now offer you the option to put one of your pictures on an object. But then again, there is that problem of which picture you put on the object. A photograph of the person the gift is for? Does that person want to see himself every day on that object? A picture of you? Maybe slightly narcissistic? But you can make a drawing for that person and put it on the object. My mums favorite flower is a poppy and I knew she was already quite a while looking for a poster of a poppy. She just could not find the right one. So I decided to make one for her. I drew a poppy, I scanned the picture and magnified it so it could serve as a poster. Personal, useful and with an effort, the three main ingredients of the perfect gift!

But keep in mind, if you make the gift with love, you cannot go wrong. Not even if it is an orange spaghetti-necklace.

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  1. Kei mooi gemaakt voor u mama ;) en inderdaad die spaghettikettingen! mijn mama kreeg die ook op moederdag en dan was dat zo van 'oh kei mooi' en na twee minuten deed ze dat uit :D kei tof geschreven en getekend :)


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